The Write Stuff!

Welcome to the first Cricut Community Explorers and Makers Drawing Challenge!

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The challenge will run February 4th through March 29th with a new prompt each week:

Week 1 - Coloring Pages

Week 2 - Recipe Cards

Week 3 - Gift Tags and Labels

Week 4 - Scrapbooking

Week 5 - Envelopes

Week 6 - Cards / Invitations

Week 7 - Embroidery Patterns

Week 8 - Journals and Journal Pages

The goal?

I have often heard people ask "What can I do with my Cricut besides cut vinyl?". The answer to that is, "Quite a bit actually!" , but I have found that the machines ability to draw with pens and markers is one of the most overlooked features. This challenge is designed to introduce newcomers to the draw feature of their machines, and to challenge the experts to expand their Cricut skills! The draw feature is one of my favorite things about my machine and I hope you will grow to love it as much as I do!

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to all Cricut users and all experience levels, but I would love for you to join my Facebook group Cricut Community Explorers and Makers so that you don't miss out on the awesome projects other group members are sharing!

The rules?

1. Create a project that incorporates the draw feature of your machine
2. Take a photo and upload it to your project in Design Space
3. Add a description to your project including the hashtag #thewritestuff
4. Share your project with the Cricut Community in Design Space
5. Share your project on Facebook (or other social media!) with the hashtag #thewritestuff


Do I have to use the weekly prompts?

No. The prompts are available to help you get started, but you are free to share any project that uses the draw feature of your machine. It is also fun to see what others are making using the prompts each week.


Do I have to be a member of your Facebook group?

Since there is no prize associated with this challenge, you're not required to be a member of the group to participate - but we might not see your awesome projects so we hope you will join us!

Do I have to use all Design Space Images?

You're welcome to use uploaded images, but since others wont be able to open your project, we ask that you include the source of your image in the description and that you respect the intellectual property of others and only share images you have the right to share!

How do I share my project?

 General instructions for sharing design space projects with the Cricut Community can be found here:

* How do I share my Design Space project to Facebook or Pinterest? 

A more in depth video can be found in my Facebook group here:

How do I share my Design Space project with the Cricut Community Explorers and Makers Facebook group?

See you soon!

Visit my blog again Monday February 4th when I share my project for week 1. I will also be sharing a few make it now projects that you can use for inspiration. I hope to see you and your projects on Facebook!


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