The Write Stuff Challenge - Week 1 - Coloring Pages

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Welcome back for week 1 of our Cricut Drawing Challenge!
This week we are focusing on Coloring Cards.

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I love to color because:

1. It helps reduce stress
2. I get to create something pretty without having to necessarily create a design myself
3. I can use what I create to embellish other projects
4. It's super portable! (just grab your colored pencils and you can take your coloring page anywhere)

Coloring books are fun, but to kick things up a notch I love to use my Cricut to draw out designs for me. It has the added benefit of giving my project the hand-drawn look that I love. This allows me to incorporate my finished product into cards, journals, scrapbooks and a whole host of other fun projects (We will be covering many of these later in this challenge!).

To find a page to color, you can sort Cricut make-it-now projects in DS by the "Coloring" category, or you can search for images using the keyword "coloring" "draw". There are a bunch of ready to make projects that are a great starting point for beginners. The best thing is that all you need is you machine, a black Cricut pen and some paper or cardstock!

My project this week uses a cute floral design with the word "Hello!" in the center. The whimsical, journal style feel of this page is really fun and you only need a few colors to bring it life.

Click on the image below to open the project!

Once you have the project open to the landing page, all you need to do is:

1. Click "Make It"
2. Click Continue (You may be prompted to purchase the image if you do not have Cricut Access)
3. Select your machine to connect to it
4. Set your material to paper or cardstock (depending on which material you will be using for your page)
5. Load a midnight or black Cricut Pen into clamp A
6. Load your fine point blade into Clamp B
7. Place your paper on a blue mat and load it into your machine
8. Press go and watch your machine draw out your coloring page!

 Hello Coloring Page

Once your machine has finished drawing your coloring page and cutting out a square around it, you can remove it from your machine and color it in with whichever art media you choose.

Don'f forget to upload a picture and share your creation with the Cricut Community, our Facebook group, and other social media using the hashtag #thewritestuff!

I hope you enjoy trying out a coloring page or two! I will be sharing some of my favorite Make-it-Now projects on Facebook during the week and I hope to see yours posted in my Facebook Group!


  1. Thanks...I like this project...can't wait to try it. I appreciate your directions. Do you really need to do any cutting if you use copy paper?

  2. You don't really need to cut! It really just depends on what you will doing with the finished product.


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