The Write Stuff Challenge - Week 2 - Recipe Cards

Welcome back for week 2 of our Cricut Drawing Challenge!
This week we are focusing on Recipe Cards.

These recipe cards are super simple. All you need is a black Cricut pen, kraft cardstock, a blue mat, and you machine! Feel free to customize with different colors of cardstock/ink to match your own kitchen!

You can find the project here: Kraft Brown Recipe Card

Once you have the project open to the landing page, all you need to do is:

1. Click "Make It"
2. Click Continue (You may be prompted to purchase the image if you do not have Cricut Access)
3. Select your machine to connect to it
4. Set your material to cardstock (or other material depending on what you are using for your card)
5. Load a midnight or black Cricut Pen into clamp A
6. Load your fine point blade into Clamp B
7. Place your paper on a blue mat and load it into your machine
8. Press go and watch your machine draw out your recipe cards!

(optionally, you can increase the copies of your card if you want your machine to draw more than one at a time)

Remember to share your project with the rest of us in Cricut Community Explorers and Makers on Facebook with the hashtag #thewritestuff.

Click here to find all of the weekly prompts for this challenge.


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