Thankful for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. Here in central Texas, fall means a welcome respite from the summer heat; the evenings are starting to get cool, I can actually drink my chai-lattes hot, and the colors are beautiful! I love the earthy tones of fall that conjure up thoughts of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and gathering around the table with the ones you love.


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I designed this card using the Argyle Card from the Cricut Wild Card Cartridge as my starting point. This cartridge was designed way back before Design Space. It worked beautifully with the expression II and Craft Room, but unfortunately with Design Space it is really difficult to use as originally intended. Luckily, I have been working hard to map each of the "Cards" to a Cricut Mat so that everything is correctly sized and ready for you to modify!

If you are interested in using any of the other cards from this cartridge, the mats I have finished working on can be found here: Cricut Mats. If you are viewing my blog from a computer, you can also get to these mats by clicking on the Mats tab at the top of this article.

To make this card you will need:

1. Install the font

If you do not already have the Magnolia Sky Font installed on your computer, you should do this before you open the mat.

2. Open the mat

Use the Thankful Card Mat link to get to the pre-designed mat.

3. Print the tag

Using print then cut, print the thankful tag sheet using your color printer. Because the oval is white, it will look like it only printed the text. Don't worry - You machine will know where to cut the oval because of the black registration marks printed on the page.

4. Cut the mat

Cut each of the sheets with your Cricut Explore machine. If you prefer to cut and score the white card base by hand, it's dimensions are 8" x 5.5" and you will score at the 4" mark. If you choose go this route, you can use the leftover from the sheet you used to print and cut.

5. Ink the outside of the oval, envelope, and berries

Use your black pigment ink to ink around the edge of the tag oval, the berries, and the "tattered" edge of the envelope. An ink blending tool would be helpful for this step but you can use any technique you prefer.

6. Gloss the Berries

Once the ink on the berries dries, cover the berries in glossy accents and set it aside to dry. Don't accidentally touch yours (like I did) while it is drying!

7. Enhance the leaves

I used my colored pencils to add highlights and low-lights to my leaves so they looked a little more interesting and had more contrast with the card background.

8. Assemble the card

Once you have finished all of the steps above, you are ready to start assembling the card. 
1. Glue the orange diamond cutout to the cardfront
2. Glue the pale yellow diamond cutout to the orange diamond cutout. Make sure to center it properly.
3. Use a piece of double sided foam tape (or make your own using craft foam) to raise the oval shaped Thankful tag to the card.
4. Glue all of the lead fronts to their corresponding backings.
5. Glue the leaves to your card. I put the large red leaf in back and the small brown leaf in front.
6. Finish the card by by gluing the (dry) berries to the top of the leaves.

9. Assemble the envelope

Glue the brown envelope liner to the inside of the envelope, making sure to line up your score lines and center the liner horizontally on your envelope. The brown will show through the little diamond shaped windows on the front of your envelope.

10. Enjoy you finished card!

Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog & Happy Crafting!


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