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Cricut Canvases

Welcome to my Cricut Canvas Page! Below you will find links to canvases I have designed and shared in various posts on this blog. 

[To support this blog, all canvas links below utilized affiliate linking code. To learn more, visit my Affiliate Disclosure page]

Inkscape Template

If you use Inkscape to design for DS, you can download my DS compatible Inkscape Template here:

Once you have downloaded the template, you just need to save the file in your Inkscape templates folder.  To find your template folder location click 
File > New From Template
then select any template and click More Info. 
You will see the file path with folder the template you selected is saved in. You just need to save my template in the same folder and you will be able to start new drawings with your template!

Wild Card Digital Set

With creatively shaped cards and unique coordinating envelopes for every occasion, this digital cartridge is every cardmaker's dream. Each card and envelope comes complete with icons and phrases that are perfect for embellishing. Make the cards as designed or mix and match to personalize your creation.

This collection of cards is from the Wild Card Cartridge and includes an "as designed" starting point for all of the cards in this cartridge. The list below currently includes the first 16 cards on the cartridge. The images show are cards I designed using the Wild Card Card as my starting point. I will be adding the rest of the cards as time allows. I hope you find these useful!

Tied Up
All in One (Gift Card)

Diaper Cakes

Coral & Teal
Brown and Blue

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