Single Line Florals available on my Etsy shop!

Single line tulip drawing file available on my Etsy shop!

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I love coloring outline stamps, but sometimes I am working on a project where the image I love just isn't the right size. Printable digital stamps are great too, but using them means that you need access to a printer.

This floral image is designed for compatibility with Cricut Design Space. It gives you the look of an outline stamp, but it uses CDS's drawing feature. Letting your Cricut machine draw the image with a pen means that you get the added versatility of being able to resize and/or flip the image without using a printer! It also means that you can use embossing ink pens and emboss the linework with embossing powders, and if you are mass producing a card design, you can get the exact same placement for your images on each card.

If you are interested in this file, check out the Single-line tulip drawing file available on my Etsy Shop.


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