The Write Stuff Challenge - Week 8 - Journals and Journal Pages

Welcome back for week 8 of our Cricut Drawing Challenge!
This week we are focusing on Journals and Journal Pages

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Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some fun ideas for creating journal covers and pages. Journaling is something that I have always to get into, but I get pretty intimidated by all of the beautiful pages I see others post. My inner perfectionist gets the best of me, and I just haven't been confident enough to try it!

I decided to try to make covers and pages for a disc bound journal so that I could use my Cricut to draw out the first few pages. The benefit of this approach is that I can add and remove pages as I need to. The journal parts I am sharing today are compatible with The Happy Planner disc journal discs.

I made a cover for my journal out of lightweight chipboard. There are some placeholder discs included in this file, but I will be purchasing a set of discs because it's difficult to get the right disc shape with chipboard (also, I think that a set of plastic or metal discs will be a lot more durable as I continue to add pages).

You can find the file for the cover and discs here*: Disc Journal - Disc and Cover Template

I used colored pencils to color in the floral design on the cover.

I also created a couple basic pages to get started. I decided to make pages to write down movies and books I would like to read this year.

You can find the file for these pages here*: Disc Journal Templates - Movies and Books

You might also need a few blank pages so you can start working on your own doodles.

You can find the blank page template here*: Disc Journal - Blank Page Template

I hope these files encourage you to get started journaling ,and also to keep trying new things with your Cricut!

I would love to see what you are creating! Share with me in my Facebook group Cricut Community Explorers and Makers. Thanks for stopping by!


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