Modify Your Inkscape Template for DS3

This post will help you modify your Inkscape template so your Inkscape designs import into Design Space true to size.

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You may have noticed that your SVG files are suddenly not importing the way they used to. When you import then into Cricut Design Space, they are huge.

Here is the history of this issue -

Originally, Inkscape 0.91 defined an inch as 90 user units and Design Space defined an inch as 72 user units per inch. What this meant was that an image drawn in Inkscape was a little bit big when you imported it into DS2 (25% to be exact).

When Inkscape released 0.92 they updated their default definition of an inch to 96 user units per inch which is now considered to be the industry standard. Inkscape also added a nice dialog box in which you could modify this definition if you needed to. This means that by default, an out of the box Inkscape drawing would import into Design Space  33% too big.

Recently, the definition inside Cricut DS3 was changed to 1 user unit per inch. What this means right now is that an out of the box Inkscape drawing will import 9500% too big. (In other words... very, very, very big) Luckily, you can change the definition of an inch in you Inkscape template very easily. Check out my tutorial video on YouTube, or follow along with the rest of this article to modify your template.

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To modify your template, follow the steps below

1. Open Inkscape

2. Click the Document Properties Button

3. Change the Settings of your drawing properties as follows:

  • Change the Drawing Units to inches
  • Change the Custom size units to inches
  • Change the page dimensions under "Custom Size" to 12 inches by 12 inches
  • Change the Scale x to 1

4. Save your template

You can find the template location for PC at C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\templates

5. Use your template and import your design into DS3 to test your settings!

P.S. If you need to update an existing SVG, you can just copy everything from your SVG into a blank document created from your new template.

Thanks for visiting & happy crafting!


  1. thank you so much this fixed it

  2. Fantastic! What would be the equivalent scale number when working in the metric system - so using cm rather than inches? In your example the scale is 1, but for cm I'm assuming the scale is different. Thanks a ton for your help!!


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