Mermaid Box Card

One of my dear friends threw a mermaid themed birthday party for her daughter this last weekend, so I thought I would join in on the fun and make a splash with this teddy bear mermaid box card. This is the second box card I've worked on and I really think box cards are my new obsession.

I designed this card in Cricut Design Space and the canvas can be found here : Mermaid - Box Card
This card requires:
  • (1) Sheet metallic glitter card-stock
  • (1) Sheet pattern paper (I used a blue/green sheet from My Minds Eye - Best of Damask)
  • (5) Sheets of solid color card-stock of your choice (you can get away with 4 if you cut the black layers from a light colored card-stock and just color it in with a pen or stamp ink)
  • Your Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Scoring Stylus
  • Medium Tip Gold Cricut Pen
  • Candy Crystal Cricut Pen
  • Your favorite adhesive (I like rubber cement because you can rub the excess off the paper once it dries and it wont warp your paper)
  • (Optional) Embossing machine and embossing folder 
For the most part, this was a simple cut and assemble project. The only extra embellishing that I did on this card was to add a little metallic gold ink around the edges of the light beige card-stock to give it a slightly distressed and more defined feel + embossing the lavender fronts of my clam shells with a polka dot pattern to give them a little more definition and help them to "pop". This card will fit in a 5x7 envelope when assembled.

[Compensated links to supplies, mats and advertisements linked inline and in the sidebar of this post are provided at no cost to you]

I hope you have fun creating this card too 😊 Happy Crafting!


  1. I love this card!. I found it first in Design Space but it says it contain exclusive content so I came here to see if you had any detailed instructions so I could try to recreate it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hi there! This card uses images from a Disney cartridge, so that would be why its unavailable. I'm not sure whether the cartridge can be purchased anymore. There are some images available in access that could give a similar look. I used seaweed, sea plants, and sea shells to decorate the box card. Are you having difficulty finding a box card base template?

    2. Thank you. That must be why it wasn’t working. I found a box card but was having a hard time finding some of the plants. I’ll think I found some things that will work.

    3. Thank you again for the help. I was able to finish the card today. Here is a link to what I came up with. I referenced this card in my description.


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