Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Hello Everyone! Today I am branching out a bit from my usual greeting card posts to share a diaper cake project with you!

Baby Girl Baby Shower

Amazingly this project only requites 7 sheets of 12x12 cardstock!

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You will need:

Start by cutting the canvas linked above. Once you have all of the pieces cut, assemble as follows:

 1. Assemble the rings by gluing the heart border pieces together.  Overlapping the ends, glue together 3 pieces for the top, 4 pieces for the center, and 5 pieces for the base.

 2. Arrange the diapers inside the paper border rings in a spiral pattern as shown below




3. Stack the cake tiers together. If you want extra stability, you can insert a dowel rod in the center of the cake on this step.

4. Assemble the flowers. The solid white and solid pink flowers are single piece flowers. They are rolled and glued to their base. The white and teal flowers are in two pieces. Roll the teal 1/2" x 11.4" strips to form the bud and glue to the center of the white base. I used hot glue to get a strong bond on the flowers. 

Tip: The single piece flowers are intended to be rolled a little more tightly than I ended up rolling them. I wasn't getting a very good "bloom" when I rolled them as intended, so I let them uncoil a little until I got the bloom to spread as much as I thought looked good. This meant that they were a little unstable because not all of the petal coils were attached to the base. To remedy this, I added some hot glue dots where necessary to stabilize the flower. I then curled the petals outward to get a more natural look.

5. Glue the flowers onto the paper border rings in a spiral pattern. Make sure you don't glue them to the diapers!

6. Upload the Paper Baby Bootie SVG to Design Space and cut it out on pink card-stock. The booties come with soles and an insoles. Fold the booties tabs inward and glue them to the soles (the sole is the larger foot shaped piece). Once the glue has set, you can carefully insert the insole. I glued a crochet border around the base of the shoe to hide the seam between the upper and the sole, I added a button to the strap of the shoe to complete it. I had a few strips of teal card-stock left over so I rolled them into roses to decorate the shoes.

7. Add the booties to the top of your cake and you're finished! 

I hope you enjoy making a cake of your own! Let me know how you like it in the comments!

P.S. A special thanks to everyone in the Cricut Design Space Facebook group that helped me out with ideas on this project!


  1. OMGsh I love this diaper cake!! I do not have a paper circut machine. Do you take orders? I can make the diaper part of the cake. Can you make the paper decorations including the booties and I will pay you?

    1. Hi Tammy! Thanks for your comment! I don't typically take orders. I prefer to craft for fun and my projects are usually for friends and family. So sorry!


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