Inkscape Shadow Layer Video Turorial


Check out my new tutorial video! This video walks you through the steps to add shadow layers to your text using Inkscape (this includes welding text). It also shows you how to find and troubleshoot some of the issues you might have run into if you have tried this before.

I have another blog article that walks you through a similar technique for any artwork. You can find it here: 

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! It goes a little too fast for me but I just stop it a few times and catch up to your instructions

    1. Thank you for the feedback Fernanda! I appreciate you stopping by!

    2. I very much want to learn Inkscape. Just when I think I've mastered your tutorial, I get stuck, and my screen doesn't look like yours. HELP. Do you offer classes? I am very interested!

    3. Hi Jim! I don't offer classes yet, but I can probably talk you through your problem. If you have facebook you can go to and send me a detailed message of the problem you are having.


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