Going Away Card - Up Style!

Hello again! Today I wanted to share a cute going away card with you. I drew my inspiration for this card from another super cute card by The Crafty Owl A friend of mine is moving across the country and when I saw this idea I thought the idea was just too cute to pass up!

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You can find the canvas here: Going Away Card - House with Balloons - 5x7

For this card I used

As with most of my canvases so far, this one is pretty straightforward. However, I did decide that I wanted a little bit of depth on this card so I cut the same pattern that is used for the sky onto a piece of white craft foam. I used that to raise the blue "sky" off of the white card-stock base. I used the positive space "clouds" left over from the foam cut to raise the balloons and house off the card a little more, giving the final piece a lot more dimension. I hope you enjoy this card and have fun adding your own spin to it!


  1. I am unable to locate this design in DS. Is there any way I can get the canvas for it?

  2. I can't locate this file in DS. Is there any way I can get the canvas?

  3. Sorry about that! Design Space has been pushing a lot of updates lately and some of the older links were broken. I've updated the link, so you can reload the page and try it again. let me know if you're still having trouble finding it! It might take a minute to load after your computer opens the DS program.


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