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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Going Away Card - Up Style!

Hello again! Today I wanted to share a cute going away card with you. I drew my inspiration for this card from another super cute card by The Crafty Owl A friend of mine is moving across the country and when I saw this idea I thought the idea was just too cute to pass up!

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You can find the canvas here: Going Away Card - House with Balloons - 5x7

For this card I used

As with most of my canvases so far, this one is pretty straightforward. However, I did decide that I wanted a little bit of depth on this card so I cut the same pattern that is used for the sky onto a piece of white craft foam. I used that to raise the blue "sky" off of the white card-stock base. I used the positive space "clouds" left over from the foam cut to raise the balloons and house off the card a little more, giving the final piece a lot more dimension. I hope you enjoy this card and have fun adding your own spin to it!

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