The Write Stuff Challenge - Week 6 - Cardmaking


Welcome back for week 6 of our Cricut Drawing Challenge!
This week we are focusing on Cards.

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Cards are my absolute favorite thing create with my Cricut and making cards can be super easy! When I first started out with Cricut, I was a college student and I didn't have the time or resources to do traditional scrap-booking. I really loved the idea of the hobby, so I bought my first Cricut hoping that it would save me time and money so that I could try it out. Along the way, I found cardmaking, and I fell in love. It had all the craft elements of scrap-booking, but it took less time and had the added bonus of being able to share my creativity with the people I love! 

Cricut has recently started releasing more pen drawn images that can be drawn with your Cricut pens. I love the way that these images look like the stamps many cardmakers use!

Today I am sharing a few cards that only use plain white cardstock and a black Cricut Pen. You can color them in with markers or colored pencils to customize the look.

This birthday card combines images from several cartridges to create a fun and festive card with a little bit of dimension.

You can find the canvas here: "Hand Drawn" Balloons Birthday Card

There are three balloons that cut separately from the rest of the card, so that you can pop them up with foam dots or tape. You can change up the balloon colors to customize the look. You could also draw the separate balloons on acrylic so that they had a fun transparent look!

I also created this encouragement card using a light-bulb image and the contour tool. The "drawn" images have many separate lines that make up the image, and this makes them perfect candidates to modify with the contour tool. I turned off some working and additional line work so that I was left with just the light-bulb image.

You can find the canvas here: Bright Side "Hand Drawn" Encouragement Card

I paired that with a drawn sentiment image and some additional text to pull it all together.

Many stamps that are used in cardmaking mimic the look of creating something hand drawn. I really love that my Cricut gives the ability to take that even further, actually drawing out images so it looks truly hand sketched!

I encourage you to take a look at the drawn images you can find in Cricut Access and mix and match them to get something unique!

Thanks for crafting with me today!


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