Who can see my Cricut Files?

Cricut's new community sharing feature is a great way to share the awesome projects you create, but I've found that there is some confusion around whether your files have the privacy settings you want them to have.

I have created this handy cheat sheet to (hopefully!) clear up some of the confusion and help you understand how the current privacy settings work (as of November 2018). Keep in mind that this is a new feature and the setting will likely become more user-friendly in the future.

One additional thing to note: If you have shared a file to Facebook or Pinterest using the new sharing feature, a link to the landing page of your project is created. This looks very similar to the landing page of a make-it-now project. It includes uploaded photos, a (photo) preview of the mat, and your project description.

If someone that has a Cricut login clicks on that link, they will be taken to the landing page for your project (not to the canvas). From there, if the project has uploaded content or was manually set to private, they will not be able to click the customize or make-it buttons. The landing page is all they will be able to access.

This is different than sharing a link to the canvas directly. If you share a direct link to your canvas (you copied the canvas URL from the address bar) and your file is marked public, the person with the link will be able to go directly to the canvas regardless of whether you "shared" the project with the community.

I hope you found this information helpful! If you did, pin this guide to Pinterest to keep it handy. Also, if you're interested in community sharing, be sure to check out the Facebook group - Cricut Community Explorers and Makers!

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