Strawberry Felt Cake!

Today's post will walk you through making this sweet pretend-play strawberry cake out of felt.

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The finished cake measures 7" in diameter and has 6 slices. The Design Space file linked in this article is intended to be cut with the Cricut Maker and hand sewn. There is no seam allowance so machine sewing may be difficult. It is possible to cut this file using Cricut Explore series machines, but you will need to research how to pre-treat your fabric before you cut. Another option is to cut all pieces out of paper with your explore machine and use them as a pattern to hand-cut your felt. This tutorial requires some basic knowledge of stitching terms and techniques. I don't go into stitching techniques in the tutorial but there are many tutorial videos available online from other sources if you need help with your technique!

I designed this cake in Cricut Design Space so you can open the free & ready-to-cut mat using the affiliate link below:

Cricut Maker Machine

For this project, you will need:

  • The Cricut Maker with rotary blade
  • A Cricut Fabric Grip Mat (12x12 or 12x24)
  • Felt in the following colors 
    • (2) 9x12 sheets in Light Pink
    • (3) 9x12 sheets in White
    • (1) 9x12 sheet in Fuschia
    • (1) 9x12 sheet in Dark Green
(I used eco-fi felt from Joann Fabric which you can buy in single sheets but I have also linked to a bulk source from Amazon below)
  • Hand quilting thread or embroidery floss in colors matching your felt + one in yellow for the strawberry seeds.
  • Fiber Fill ( I am using Morning Glory Cluster Stuff )
  • Needle (you can use whichever needle you are comfortable with, but I am using a lion brand large eye blunt needle because it is easy to thread, and works well with the felt and thread weight I am using.)

To make the Cake

1. Cut the cake

Begin by opening the cut file Strawberry Felt Cake - Cricut Maker Cut File. This file has been optimized to cut on 9x12 felt. When you get to the cut screen, make sure to adjust the size of your cutting material. Cut all white and light pink mats for the first part of this tutorial.

2. Stitch frosting to interior sides of cake

Using a running stitch, stitch the 'F' shaped frosting layers to the rectangular pink cake layer using thread matching your frosting layer. Take care to keep the center piece of 'frosting' parallel to the bottom edge of your rectangle. Make sure you have 6 pieces with frosting pointing left and 6 with the frosting pointing right.

3. Stitch interior sides of cake together.

Match opposite interior cake layers together. Using a blanket stitch, stitch the interior edge of the wedge using thread that matches your cake layer. Make sure that you join the smaller white frosting sections together carefully so that the pink felt isn't showing through the center.

4. Complete the triangle

With one of the white rectangle pieces, create a triangle with the interior V shaped piece you just created. Using a blanket stitch with thread in your frosting color, complete the triangle shape by stitching the short sides of the white rectangle to short sides of the interior cake pieces. Make sure that the pink felt doesn't show through between the white felt.

5. Add the bottom wedge

With one of the pink wedge shapes, blanket-stitch around the bottom of the wedge in thread matching your cake color. Join the wedge to the triangle you created in the previous step. The curved section will match up to the white frosting back of your triangle.

6. Create the decorative frosting

Sandwich 6 white half ovals together. blanket stitch all layers together along the bottom edge.

7. Join decorative frosting to the top wedge

Whip stitch two decorative frosting pieces to the top wedge of the cake. You will want to join them about 1/2" in from the edge of the wedge

8. Add the top wedge

Using a blanket stitch with thread in your frosting color, stitch two edges of the top of the cake to the rest of the cake base

9. Stuff

Loosely stuff the cake wedge with fiber fill. Make sure you do not overstuff or the sides of your cake slices will puff outward and the cake slices will not join together neatly.

10. Finish off

Using a blanket stitch with thread in your frosting color, finish off the remaining edge of the cake.

At this point, the 'cake' is finished. If you would like to add loose strawberries to your cake, follow the steps below. You can also stitch the strawberries to your cake slices if you prefer them to be attached.

To make the Strawberries

1. Cut the strawberries from your felt
Using the Strawberry Felt Cake - Cricut Maker Cut File mat, cut the fuschia and green mats.

2. Create the strawberry base

Fold the fuchsia half circle in half and whip stitch along the straight edge with matching thread.

3. Stuff the strawberry

Turn the piece inside out and stuff with fiber fill just enough create a full strawberry shape.

4. Close the top of the strawberry

Using a gathering stitch and fuschia thread, stitch around the open edge of the strawberry and pull tight to gather and close the top.

5. Leaf

Using a gathering stitch, stitch a circle using green thread around the center of the green star shape.

Pull tight to gather and create the stem

6. Join leaf to berry

Whip stitch the leaf to the top of the berry using green thread.

7. Seeds

Using yellow thread, create the berry seeds by stitching through the berry and creating short stitches on the surface. Don't pull the thread too tight or you will deform the shape of your berry.

That's it! If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to follow me on Facebook so you can get updates when I release new projects! Thanks for stopping by & Happy Crafting!


  1. This is so adorable! I've got to make this for my neices! Thanks for the design.


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